Saturday, April 17, 2010

When Three is Company and The Relentless Houseguest

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Author, Evangelist and Host, Letetia Mullenix is joined by Author and Minister, Stephanie Brown, and funny-lady, Tina Cheatham as they offer encouragement, hope, insight and biblical instruction to families regarding the modern issues addressing Christian families of today.
When Three is Company and the Relentless Houseguest
"When should a couple seek marriage counseling?" "What are the signs that you could use some (trained) outside input?" and our very first HOT Topic: "How long is too long for a live-in house guest? and "When does helping them become enabling them?" Join our hosts and special guest host, First Lady Terri Flowers, of the divinely annointed and appointed, Zech 8 Ministries, in a lively, informative, intuitive and biblical examination of these questions.


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4/24/2010 6:00 PM - TBA
5/1/2010 6:00 PM - TBA

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