Friday, April 23, 2010

Please Join Us in Prayer for Families With Faith Co-host, First Lady Terri Flowers

During these changing times, there are few who are willing to break tradition and walk in a calling so different that it's out of the box nature alone brings unapproval from those who have not heard the Word of the Lord. Great prophets such as Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Paul and even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was called to ministries such as these.


These ministries created uproar and made the conservative "body" uncomfortable, yet these men, ordained by God, had callings that were critically necessary, on the cusp of seasons of change. Pastor Tim Flowers and First Lady Terri Flowers have been called to reach out to the youth in a way that crosses cultural and generational borders. Through this ministry youth are being saved, and daily choosing to glorify God through their lips, time, gifts and lives.


Zech 8 Ministries has been divinely anointed and appointed for such a time as this. Yet, just as many of the great men and women of God, including our Savior Himself were called to a season of suffering in the midst of their ministry, so too has this awesome man and woman of God. Late Wednesday evening, First Lady Flowers was rushed to the emergency room. Her family has been given difficult news. I am writing this to ask each of you to please join me in prayer for this man and woman of God. Please pray for her health, for the supernatural healing power of YHWH Rapha; for the peace, faith, joy and comfort of His Holy Spirit; and that she would clearly feel the ever-faithful companionship of our Savior, Jesus Christ, during this her time of great need. Please pray for both her and Pastor Flowers continued strength, and that their faith, joy and good works would not falter. Please pray for their ministry through which God has saved countless lives, touched countless young people, and through which many have found deliverance, peace and hope.

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