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Founders of Connected Families join Families with Faith to discuss the Age Old Dilemma of the “Birds and the Bees” Talk



Popular Christian family talk radio show approaches the best way to discuss Sex, Celibacy and Christ with our Children”  this Saturday, October 16th, 2010 at 6pm

Richmond, VA – (Release Date September 22, 2010) – Families With Faith, the Blog Talk Radio show of, airs Facing the Teenage Elephant in the Room Series Episode 1” on Saturday September 18, at 6pm. Together, the ladies will tackle this week’s ‘Real-talk’ discussion, “When Babes Reach for the Forbidden Fruit: Discussing Sex, Celibacy and Christ with our Children” and this week’s Hot Topics, “How can Busy Parents Find Quality Time for our Children”.

Author, Minister and Host, Letetia Mullenix is joined by Angela Claiborne, co-founder of Greater Evangelistic Ministries, as they offer encouragement, hope, insight and biblical instruction to families regarding the modern issues addressing Christian families of today.

Families With Faith is pleased to have the cofounders of Connected Families, and co-authors of “How To Grow a Connected Family”, Jim and Lynne Jackson, as this week’s special guest hosts. Along with Jim and Lynne, their son, Daniel Jackson will be joining Families with Faith to discuss his choice of faith and celibacy, and his walk with Christ as a teenager.

Jim and Lynne Jackson have nearly forty years combined professional experience working with children, teens and families. They speak, write, coach and consult out of their deep passion for families, community and faith.

In September of 2002, Lynne and her husband Jim launched the ministry organization Connected-Families to develop strong, connected families. The ministry provides Biblical teaching, coaching and counseling – all purposed to restore and develop strong families of faith. Their books “Parenting For Real Life” and How to Grow a Connected Family”, have helped hundreds of parents learn to be peaceful, purposeful, and confident. Their engaging presentations teach and train families, Church, school and social service professionals, and invite parents on an adventure of learning profound insights about themselves, God, and of course, their children! More can be found out about Connected Families by going to 

Daniel Jackson graduated from Gustavus Adophus College in Minnesota. He is the president/co-founder of the men's leadership team at his college. Daniel also founded a small organization to bring resources to help an impoverished clinic in Cusco, Peru.

 Join Families with Faith and their very special guest host, The Jacksons of Connected Families, in a lively, informative, intuitive and biblical examination of this week’s questions.

About the Hosts:

Letetia Mullenix is the co-founder of Families with Faith Ministries and the author of the newly released Promise Road: Walking Through the Process that Manifests the Promise and Promise Road: The Study Guide. As a community-minded entrepreneur, Letetia also owns Creative For God Designs, a web-design and web-hosting business aimed toward meeting the needs of small businesses and non-profits. In 2009, she began, a social network "ministry community" whose purpose is to "offer hope and support as we stand on faith for the promises of God regarding our families". Minister Mullenix's greatest passion is for the wholeness and healing of families. Visit her website at or

Angela C. Claiborne is the co-founder of Greater Vision Evangelistic Ministries, in Richmond, VA.  Devoted to the vision of the ministry, she and her husband share a passion to ensure that their God-given mandate is carried out: the Ministry of Reconciliation. Sister Claiborne is anointed to minister the Word of God with love, patience and simplicity. She encourages the people of God to seek out and fulfill the purpose of God in their lives and develop strong relationships with God and with their families.

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