Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Families with Faith Ministries launches www.Familieswithfaith.com, a Christian Social Networking and Information Database

FamilieswithFaith.org Gets a New Look at FamilieswithFaith.com

(Free-Press-Release.com) July 13, 2010 -- Today marked the release of www.FamilieswithFaith.com , a Christian social networking site and information database.

Families with Faith Ministries, sponsor of the national blogtalkradio show "Families With Faith", has created a forum where members can meet together, network, discuss current issues addressing modern families and exchange and receive personal, professional and support information. Christian newsfeeds; family and marriage ministries, websites and programs; and family events and conferences are available for both registered and non-registered users. Members can form and join groups, post events, contribute articles, participate in discussion groups, and much more. FamilieswithFaith.com also offers free directory listings and webpages to Christian muscians, authors, artists, writers, churches, ministries, ministry leaders, programs, non-profits and organizations.

Would you to like participate in the building process?

FamilieswithFaith.com is looking for individuals who love the Lord and who are interested in moderating, contributing articles or wall-watching. Wall-watchers are members who are willing to look and then submit ministries, individuals, programs, websites or organizations that seek to edify, strengthen and meet the needs of families to www.FamilieswithFaith.com for review so that they might potentially be made available to the membership. If you are interested in participating as a contributer, moderator or wall-watcher, please register at www.FamilieswithFaith.com and then send a note to Letetia or Eric Mullenix.

More information can be found online at

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